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Monday, November 16, 2015

berry crush

I don't know about you, but I go through phases of being drawn to certain color palettes.  I'm always + forever drawn to white-on-white, with hints of seaglass tones (call it my love for the ocean) or blush (what girl doesn't love a little pink from time to time)...but lately I'm crushing on that beautiful plum-kissed shade of burgundy.  We design-y types always like to come up with new names for nuances of color, but for now, I'll just call this a crush on tones of berry (think rich, deep mulberry). 

My quest for all things berry led me to creating this design concept (featuring furnishings + accessories from Ethan Allen).  I started with a neutral backdrop... a great gray, clean-line sofa, and then added layers of ivory textures...mixed in some metallics + finally some berry patterns + velvet.

Perhaps my crush was inspired by this dahlia mix my daughter + I created on a recent farmer's market Saturday morning...

 This rich berry shade has also been in a lot of my "pins" 
+ "likes" lately... 

 ...and in my instagram snaps...

{this one features a hand-dyed linen from West Elm Charlotte, candle from World Market and vase from TargetStyle with white peacock feathers from Etsy KimonosFeathers}

With the changing of the seasons, I've also been in that mode of adding cozy layers to my interiors + closet. 

So...what colors + cozy details are calling your name these days? Do tell. 

Wishing you a beautiful November, full of rich moments with friends + family.


Monday, September 21, 2015

pineapples + burlap

The pineapple is having a moment.
Have you noticed?

Whether it's the real deal starring in instagram snaps...

{via instagram}

or pretty porcelain versions serving as home accents...

{via hodi home}

or painted pinas featured in watercolor prints... 

{via made by girl}

the Pineapple is having its time in the sun. 

...and on bar carts around the design scene...
{via instagram}

{via the everygirl}
If you follow me on pinterest or instagram, you know I've been slightly obsessed with the design trend.  So, when I hosted a party recently, I found an excuse to decorate with pineapples too. 

A little gold + white spray paint transforms an ordinary pineapple into a work of art.

My daughter made this sweet little pineapple mosaic.  It worked perfectly for the occasion. (so cute, right?)

...And thanks to a pop-up shop by mintwood home, I found a pretty ceramic pineapple for my cocktail table too...

And there's nothing like a party to kick-start a diy project you've been putting off.  I had wanted to re-invent my very beat-up Ikea lack coffee table and finally made the time for a quick update.  The table was the perfect size + scale for my living room, but was frankly a hot mess (think peeling veneer).  With the help of a little burlap fabric + nailheads (and a little measuring + pressing)...the table is transformed.  You've gotta love a renovation that only costs $16 at the fabric store + a little bit of time and effort.

...Here's the finished renewed result...

What do you think of my refreshed table? 

Tell me, what trends are you obsessing about lately?

I hope you're having an incredible Autumn.



Monday, April 20, 2015

mood boards

Mood determines a lot.  
It influences our interactions and
often guides our decisions.
And, for the sake of an interior design + style blog, 
Mood often shapes how we design our living spaces. 

As an interior designer, 
I love displaying a MOOD BOARD in my personal office space 
Images I'm drawn to.
Fashions that make me happy.
Furniture that moves me.
Art I love.
Photos of significant meaning + memories.
Colors, Graphics + Textures that speak to me.
Quotes that motivate...

For my clients, I love developing MOOD BOARDS to help them define their design direction.
Mood boards are an excellent starting point for any interior design project.  By selecting images of the mood you want to achieve, you have something to build on.  When I'm designing a tangible, 3-dimensional mood board, I collect magazine tear-outs, textures, elements from nature, paint swatches, photos, postcards, etc. and literally pin them to a bulletin board. I build a story which conveys the mood I want to achieve in the design. The mood guides the direction of furniture style, textures and colors.  

Now that all things are digital I've been creating a lot more digital mood boards.  Scoping + surfing for images and items online to cut and paste into a powerpoint page that in essence is my virtual bulletin board, the design mood board. 

Here are two of my recent mood boards, featuring furnishings, art + accessories from Ethan Allen...

{blush + coral mood board by Patti Borrelli, featuring furnishings, rug, fabric, art + accessories from Ethan Allen.}

{beach mood board by Patti Borrelli, featuring furnishings, rug, fabric, art + accessories from Ethan Allen.}

What mood boards have you been dreaming of creating?  Take a few moments and create one of your own.  With your design direction determined + your mood defined, you'll be ready to dive into the painting, planning, purchasing + decorating.  Happy designing!


Monday, January 5, 2015

fresh start

January is like a re-set button, at the very least a re-fresh key. It's time again for goal-setting + mood boards. Honing in on new + fresh ideas.

What new ideas are stirring for you?

I've been obsessed with natural light...

{#silver #pom #stirsticks + @anthropologie #candlestick in the #morning #light}


{my quick-and-easy #DIY #painted + #glittered #pink #pinecones}

{a holiday centerpiece with @worldmarket #silver #tray, @anthropologie #candlesticks
+ #pink #votive, #painted + #glittered #pink #pinecones, plus #driftwood}


{my go-to #pink #pompom #scarf from @oldnavy}

...white peacock feathers...
+ cozy details...

{some of my fave personal props... @jonathanadler #vase, @targetstyle #journal + #gold #bowl, @westelm side table + box, @etsy #peacock #feathers, white #cowhide #rug + #candles}

How about you...what's your obsession for the new year?



Thursday, May 8, 2014

white geraniums + back porches

I don't know about you, but I am a lover of all things summer.

sandals + sunnies. warmth. beach trips. cool drinks. poolside.
+ making memories with friends + family.

I have been breathing a little easier after a rush of Spring HP Market design work and photo styling gigs ... but I wanted to take a few moments to blog about my current inspirations + finds.

My recent mission accomplished: getting the porch put back together again. We sprayed off the piles of pollen and washed down the furniture; pulled out the stowed-away cushions and planted a few white geraniums. AAaahh. I love the calming effect of white-on-white + breezy spring days + nights on the back porch ...

{outdoor pillow from World Market}

I love fresh outdoor living spaces (see my outdoor décor pinboard here.)


A yummy recent find: a genuinely real simple recipe via Real Simple ... A refeshing dessert, "easy rice pudding," made with rice, natural vanilla ice-cream (i love breyers) and cinnamon.

{image via Real Simple.}
So very delish. promise.  


A source of inspiration: attending the book signing of the Nester's newly published book @ Bebe Gallini's (that's where I found the fun sunnies too). Link over to Myquillyn's blog for constant aesthetic and life inspiration and to find out where to buy her book ~ The Nesting Place (it's full of real + inspiring images + stories + how-to's...)

{journal is from greenroomeco, found at target}


A fab find: the perfect summer sandals. My first official Rachel Zoe purchase (a TJ Maxx find). Have you ever watched the Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo? She is such a style icon + fun to watch. Here's a snap of the sandals on a sunny day with a new fave shade on my toes, taupleless beach by opi (part of their Brazil collection) ...

Hope ya'll are well. Thanks for checking in.
Let me know what is inspiring you lately.



Tuesday, December 3, 2013

secrets from a stylist: MIX IT UP!

Hi all!

Today, I'm handing it off to a special guest twin sister Pam Stasney.  She too is a photo stylist {+ set decorator}.  She has designed sets for film, television + NYC + LA...and has currently landed in Milwaukee. She was recently featured in the December issue of M Magazine: Milwaukee's Lifestyle Magazine {click here to read the full article.}

Take a peek at some of her interior spaces + listen to her insights into interior styling + design.  Here she is...

{Pam Stasney, as seen in M Magazine December 2013.  Photographer: Dan Bishop. Sources: Sofa from Architexture Home (Studio City, CA),Baker Chair designed by Barbara Barry and found on Craigslist, Sunburst Mirror from Plantation Home Los Angeles, Throw pillows from OneKingsLane, allmodern, etsy and Target. Area rug designed by Dwell and available at McNabb & Risley.  Turquoise Lamps from Target, White Ceramic Pagoda from Design Xchange, Pewaukee, WI.}

With years of experience decorating sets for film and styling photographs in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and now Milwaukee, I have learned a few trade secrets that I'd love to share with BeSoStyle readers.

First and foremost. It's all about mixing it up!

Mix High + Low

Ok, I admit, I have expensive taste, far beyond my budget.  I've learned that if you splurge on one or two statement pieces, you can supplement with bargain finds, without sacrificing style. 

In my office, I have a high-end, antique desk from a movie set I decorated (one of the perks of working in the film industry). 

{Pam Stasney Style Office.  Photographer: Dan Bishop.
As seen in M Magazine, December 2013.}
...but, my desk chair is a bargain find from Marshalls, designed by Cynthia Rowley.  Ikat pillow from OneKingsLane (an amazing resource).  And the stunning brass étagère is a second-hand find from Designer Consigner in Hartland, WI.

Another great way to MIX IT UP...


Mix Old + New

When I’m creating a lifestyle set, whether for photography or film, my goal is to create a space that feels collected over time.  Mixing vintage pieces with more modern elements makes the movie magic happen.  In my office, I created a gallery wall over my desk, a chic way to display a collection of art.  In the gallery, I have some cherished heirloom pieces:  an abstract painting from my Dad (Dancing Rainbow) and a small watercolor painted by my mother-in-law.  Alongside these heirloom pieces, is a mixture of contemporary art creations: a fine art print from my husband (Butterfly Peonia by Jeff Stasney), a graphic Golden Retriever Silhouette from Mod Dog/, Fruit of the Spirit Print from Olive Manna, Spin Art from a friend (I just love kid’s art) and a DIY project I created on a whim.

Mixing old with new works when styling your bookshelves too.  Intermingle interesting objects alongside your books to keep it visually intriguing.

{Pam Stasney Style Office, Etagere Detail.  Photographer: Dan Bishop}

Mix Neutrals + Patterns

A neutral base is timeless and opens the way for color flexibility.  For my interior design clients, I usually recommend neutral colors and great textured fabric for the cornerstone pieces of a room. My sofa is a deep neutral grey.  Because I’m a California girl (at heart), my color accents are primarily the colors of sun and surf.  It’s what makes me happy.  With a neutral base, you are free to change up your throw pillows with colors and patterns to suit your mood-of-the-moment.  Simply changing the accessories can create a whole new feeling in your space, without having to spend a lot.

Before you begin your design project…

Create a Mood Board for Inspiration.

Here's mine for my office space...

Creating a mood board is definitely something I’ve learned from my work in film and photo styling.  Whenever I am creating a space or story, I first gather inspirations: fabric & wallpaper swatches, paint chips, objects of nature, interior or fashion photos that have a certain vibe, a piece of art, an architectural element etc…As you gather, see how it flows.  You will be able to edit and refine as you narrow down the feeling you want to create. 

When it comes to your personal space, surround yourself with colors and things that make you happy.



Wednesday, October 30, 2013

purpose statements + styling ideas

I've been thinking about my purpose for this blog and what I hope it inspires for my readers. When I initially came up with the concept of BeSoStyle (named in honor of my daughters Bela & Sofi, the next generation of Sisters of Style), I had been a blog reader for a while. I thought that as a photo stylist I might just have a unique voice in this big world of design bloggers.  I still feel like a dabbler at this point, still trying to get my head around how in fact to make it a business. I am so open to direction, suggestions, advice (Feel free to contact me and guide away).

Thanks to the successful + inspirational blogger the nester I decided to develop a purpose statement. See this link for her advice on developing a blog purpose.

As I was developing my purpose statement I realized what I haven't done enough of ... and that is share design ideas I've learned or had the gift of being able to execute as a stylist. Here are some of my thoughts on creating fresh design (by showing you some of my favorite images I've styled through the years)...
{Photographed by Kenton Robertson. Styled by Patti Borrelli for Belle Meade Signature.}
I love, love luxe, light neutral shag rugs. They always add instant luxury, texture and warmth. I'm also a fan of collections of shapes like the hint you see in the mirrored headboard. And I adore neutral, natural, textured linens like my favorite, this pintuck duvet from west elm. Plus, pink, always = pretty.

This is the real-life use of my fave duvet in my guest room...

...and more styling images that show how a richly textured neutral rug works perfectly for creating a fresh space. 

{Photography by Kenton Robertson. Styled by Patti Borrelli for Harden Furniture.}
{Photography by Kenton Robertson. Styled by Patti Borrelli for Harden Furniture.}

 Also, notice how an oversized frame becomes art, and how the collection of shapes + hints of nature add visual interest.

( are those same fabulous jonathan adler vases on my fall mantel last year...)

jonathan adler white vases

{Photographed by Kenton Robertson. Styled by Patti Borrelli for Belle Meade Signature.}

Layers of Art always work.   You can create your own art with a little creativity. See a few of my diy art ideas here.

White or neutral draperies, especially natural sheers are a go-to in styling (One of my favorite resources for beautiful Belgian linens is Restoration Hardware.) Here, sheers work as a luminous room divider to create a workspace (click here for more b+w chic images)

 ...and create a perfect neutral backdrop for this coastal-inspired dining room (more on coastal styling here)...

west elm capiz chandelier

{The two images above were styled by me for Stanley Furniture. Photography by TTW Photo.}

... just a few design thoughts to hopefully inspire.

As for my blog purpose ... here's what I came up with...

Purpose Statement:
{For readers-}
The aim of BeSoStyle is to create a source of inspiration for design + style-minded readers.  Through fresh images + styling hints, I hope to motivate readers to style something a little differently in their home, do a simple DIY project or put together an outfit in a fresh way.  Small changes that build confidence + creative satisfaction. 

My signature style incorporates natural elements to create an organic feel.  I’d like to inspire others to bring instant beauty to their homes by borrowing from nature, adding natural textures + shapes.

{For me-}

BeSoStyle is my field of dreams. A place I get to share my inspirations-of-the-day. Inspirations for interiors + fashion.  And a place I share a “behind-the-scenes” look at my styling gigs, from the concept phase...through prop shopping, DIY creation, set decorating and completion of a photo shoot or visual display project.

My ultimate purpose for the blog is to make it profitable…which will allow me to better balance family, home and career.
I welcome your feedback and thoughts. Wishing you a wonderful week!



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

white pumpkins + feathers

Just got back from High Point, designing furniture showrooms in time for Fall Market {#HPMKT}.  Now I'm ready to style some of my own finds + creations. Here are a few of my recent instagram images to let you know what's been on my styling-obsessed mind...
fall mantel

...had to get a collection of these sweet white pumpkins when I spied them at the local farmer's market.
fall mantel

Together with my handmade sunprints (see here for my diy how-to.) they make-up my fall mantel. Of course, candles go with everything...

...and then there's my recent obsession...with FEATHERS!...

...these are my instagram snaps of feathers in the morning light and feather on snakeskin (box by Nate Berkus for Target)...

I have been pinning images, like these...

...and getting inspired to do something creative with feathers.  As often happens, I came across a blogger who had already done what I had been thinking of, and oh so well (see here for her how-to for framing feathers as art)...

{image via city farmhouse}

...and lastly, please visit the youngamerica blog for my latest diy: bohemian-inspired trays with mod podge and world market papers (I love how the trays turned out. let me know what you think)...

Hope you are having a good October. Fall is going seize the warm sunny moments and the chances for fireside chats with close friends.